Pyromusical Firework Display at Hedsor House

Wedding Fireworks By MLE Pyrotechnics

Pyromusical Firework Display at Hedsor House

February 22, 2023 Uncategorized 0
Pyromusical Fireworks

MLE Pyrotechnics recently put on a pyromusical wedding firework display at the beautiful Hedsor House, choreographed to the pop hit “Firework” by Katy Perry.

Hedsor House, only allows lower noise fireworks to be used at their venue. With this in mind, our design team set out to produce an entertaining display utilising a variety of different firework effects, colours and firing patterns. Lower noise firework displays are often over looked by wedding couples in the UK, but the reality is that most pyromusical firework displays without noise restrictions, often use lower noise fireworks in them.

The team arrived at the venue and after checking in with the venue to confirm their arrival, the team began to set up the firework display. This particular show was fired from 5 firing sites and to ensure equal distances were used between each firing position, a measuring wheel was used. Once this is done, our pyrotechnicians laid out each individual firework onto the correct position using the labels that were put on them during the preparation process.

On completion of laying out the fireworks, they are then connected up to our digital firing system, FireByWire. Continuity checks were then done to ensure that the firework launching software was connected to the firework and lastly, our PA system was put out and tested in the spectator area meaning that when the time comes, the spectators can hear the music that accompanies the fireworks.

The wedding guests gathered outside and we were given the nod to fire. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE RESULT!

We are really pleased with this display and believe that whilst it was produced with the strict constraints of the the venue in mind, it was a spectacular display worthy of bring your day to a dramatic conclusion.

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