Wedding Fireworks By MLE Pyrotechnics

What happens if it rains?

Our firing team get wet, the fireworks stay dry and your display fires as intended.

Rain doesn’t affect fireworks as we waterproof them to ensure that they stay dry in wet conditions.

Do I need a license to have fireworks?

No is the short answer.

Venues might have their own licensing requirements from a noise point of view.  There is no UK license needed to allow fireworks to be fired but they must be finished by 11pm except for key dates like bonfire night or NYE.

Low noise fireworks

We produce many low noise firework displays every month – more and more venues are insisting on this type of display due to local residents.   We also know how important it is to respect locals when firing normal noise level displays.  So in short yes we definately have you covered if your venue require low noise fireworks.

Surprise! – can you keep it one?

Yes!  We often get asked to keep the whole thing as secret as possible.  Our vans are unmarked, and we’ll get the crew to be in plain clothing.

If you need an excuse – tell people to come outside for a photograph.  We can even help to keep it a surprise from one or both of the wedding couple.

Where do you cover in the UK?

We can fire anywhere in mainland UK.  Please get in touch for displays in Ireland.

Mileage is included when within 100miles of Daventry.  Above this we charge a small fee to help cover the additonal travelling costs.

Do you do fireworks to music?

Yes we most certainly do! In fact we are known for being one of the leading companies to produce high quality pyromusical displays.

You can choose your own song(s) or look at our list of recommended tracks.  You might also enjoy browsing our video gallery for ideas. We include in our pricing the provision of PA for audiences of up to 150 people above that a fee will apply (because larger PA will be required).

My venue have not had fireworks before

Dont’ worry – we’re experts in all things fireworks.  We’ll visit your venue and run through the firing site options.  We will advise with them in regard to legallities and locals and also deal with any local airports.  When we work at a new venue we take care to ensure every one involved is at ease.

Risk assessments – do you provide one?

We perform Risk Assessments almost daily for the provision of fireworks.  Dynamic risk assessments are also performed on site by the crew as things do change.  Yes we will provide our Risk Assessment and H&S documents to the venue and/or yourself if required.

Insurance – do you have cover?

Yes!  We are comprehensively insured for all aspects of fireworks.  Whether it be transport, rigging, 3rd parties and people, buildings and our team.

We hold insurance with public liability up to £10 million.  This is much more than the recommended minimum for our sector.

Meeting – do we need to meet face to face?

The short answer is no.  But you are more than welcome to come to our offices to discuss your requirements.  In some cases we can meet at your venue, especially if it is a new venue for us.  However it is not that often we meet prior the wedding couple prior to the event because everything can be done via email and phone.  Again that isn’t to say we cannot.

Our own colours or effect choices – can you incorporate?

Yes we sure can do!  However most people let us decide what works best for the display.  We recommend if you want a themed colour display to do so just for a minute or 30 seconds.  This way we can still use the widest range of fireworks available.

We want to push the button, is this possible?

Yes – we can setup a “push start” which you can press to start the show!

When do I need to pay the deposit?

We ask for the deposit on booking, this secures the firing team to your special day.

Initially feel free to just send us the booking form to get things started.  We will usually confirm with the venue before asking for a deposit payment.

When does the balance need to be paid?

We ask for the display balance to be received in cleared funds before the display date.  Ideally 1 week prior.

Can you video or photograph our show?

Yes!  We have invested heavily in broadcast quality video cameras and professional drones.  We are licensed by the CAA to fly at night.  Video / photos can be provided for a small additional cost.  Please get in touch.

Lasers – do you offer these?

Yes – we are able to provide the very latest state of the art high power lasers at your wedding.  If they are used outdoors without hitting a building or surface we need 28 days prior notice to get permission from the Civil Aviation Authority.   We take care of all of this.

How much notice do you need to book?

We have acted on less than 24hrs notice on a few occasions.  But ideally around 2 months would be helpful!  Pyromusicals require more time to design.   If your needing fireworks tomorrow (or even today) please do ring us though!

How do you fire the display?

We are one of the few companies in the UK that ONLY fire electronically.  We use FireByWire digital firing systems which are actually manufactured in the UK and sold by MLE all over the world.